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Batteries aren't edible, memory cards are choke hazards, cameras can hurt when they're thrown at people, etc.

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I would hate to be judged by the worst thing I've ever done in my life," Fultz said.

Sangamon County state's attorney John Milhiser said the video did play a role in pressing charges against Rosario."The body camera video is important evidence in any case.

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The police department could not comment pending the Prosecutor's Office investigation.Michael says the officer dragged him out of his house after saying he lied about not knowing where his acquaintance was."He had bruises on his arms and he was afraid of what happened.This officer was much bigger than him and he did something that he shouldn't have been doing especially to a minor," said Fina Elsaadany, Michael's mother. He and his parents reported the incident to the prosecutor's office because they feel the officers should be fired or at least suspended."I thought the police force was supposed to save people and protect the community, but in this case we were violated," Elsaadany said."Hopefully things turn out the right way, all I'm looking for is justice," Chmielewski said.If they're young enough, your kids have always known a world in which smartphones are the most popular devices for taking photos. To ensure that the next wave of young photographers understand the performance and ergonomic advantages of using a real camera, you’ll need to get one into their hands as soon as possible. Before you sneak a Nikon D800E into your baby’s basket of toys, you’ll need to consider choking hazards and the fact that some children are a lot more careful (read: girls) than others (read: boys) when it comes to handling expensive electronics.If you want to buy a camera specifically for your child - or a camera that your entire family can share without worrying too much - durability and ease of use are just as important, if not more, as image quality and features.Police in New Jersey are investigating allegations that one of their own officers roughed up and abused a teenager, and the whole thing was caught on camera. The cop was at the teen's house and the young man ended up handcuffed in the snow in a t-shirt and no shoes. Much of it was caught on the family's security cameras."I got swung around. Police came knocking on Michael's door, looking for his acquaintance Saturday evening, for what we don't know. Michael doesn't want us to use his last name, but he and his mom agreed to do an on-camera interview because they want the officer involved held accountable. It was snowing outside, I had no jacket no shoes," Michael said.As has become a tradition over the years, we present a list of the most visited Bit Torrent sites of the new year.At the start of 2011 The Pirate Bay continues to pull in the most visitors, followed by Torrentz and iso Hunt.So here's a selection of some of what we think are the best camera options for your kids, sorted by age range.Most of these models aren't for kids, and all of the obvious caveats apply.