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As of a re-evaluation of the fossil remains in 2002 by Sylvia Hope, at most five species were recognized: Cimolopteryx rara, C.

Two days ago walking through the hall outside the main Bird Division Offices, I bumped into Nate Smith, a University of Chicago graduate student of Dr. They were on their way down to our skeleton range essentially to raid it.

Fossil deposits in Wyoming, dating back some 50 million years to the Eocene, where Vice President for Collections and Research Dr.

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It is an exceptionally well preserved specimen, preserving most of the post-cranial skeleton aside from the femur and associated pelvic region, as well as soft-tissue impressions of feathers, skin, foot scales and claw sheaths.

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It is currently thought to contain only a single species, Cimolopteryx rara.

The only known specimen confidently attributed to C.