Wordpress site not updating

Some issues that you encounter with your Word blog or account can be solved by changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookies.

Some browser issues may be caused by the browser itself.

Next, you should look in your plugin settings to see if you can control what is cached by the Page Cache functionality.

The cache is an essential way to optimize your web browsing experience. Remember the pirates and thieves of old, who would stockpile their treasures in someplace "safe" like a cave or a hole in the ground?I am unable to see the results of changes that have made to my site even after deactivating and deleting the cache plugin. I can see the changes when logged in as an admin, however not for non-logged in users in WP.First, big shout out to for always having fantastic answers to core Word Press issues.This one is coming up more and more for my clients.Thought it helpful to continue aggregating common issues/resolutions here in .But then after you make a few changes in your Word Press content or your design, you notice that nothing has changed. But then the next page you visit within that site doesn't take quite so long. A number of common factors can cause this behavior, such as: browser caching, server-side caching, caching plugins, and making changes in the incorrect location in the file system.We recommend that you use any of the latest versions of browsers on Browse Happy for optimal performance with Word Due to browser incompatibility, some themes are not fully functional in Internet Explorer 10 or earlier.This is because--in an effort to be helpful--your web browser stores the web page information on your computer.In the future, the web browser reloads the web page data from your computer, not from the actual site.