Windows xp stuck on validating identity wireless network

About halfway through the setup it rebooted and I got the B s O D, saying that I needed to run a disk scan. the drive is back in the laptop and when booting up, just after it clears the BIOS data screen it gives me this message: Please select the operation system to start: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Unidentified operating system on drive C. At this point I hit enter and the white loading bar comes up and then freezes and that’s it. You're not going to be able to tolerate XP with just 128MB RAM anyway. and that's if you can actually get the thing going past many more hurdles and actually get to a desktop. On the other computer...- don't boot from your hard drive- you delete all partitions on your hard drive- then you install an older operating system on a SMALL partition - don't choose the default size that fills the drive E.g.Good luck doing anything past that."I've got a good one for ya... install Dos 7 or Win 98 or Win 98SE on a 2gb (2,048 mb) partition.Once groups are added, test AD users in ISE under external identity store, AD, Connect to make sure the AD / ISE integration is working.

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I have already gone onto microsoft and updated the software. Typically it would be a Dell 1397, Dell 1510 or Dell 1520.

My team built a Cisco Identity Services Engine ISE demo lab designed to secure mobile devices such as i Pads, Androids, etc.

We ran into a few snags however in the end got the system to work nicely.

I am trying to save some money seeing as I'm a college student.

Thank you for any help Windows XP Version 5.1 with Service Pack 3..