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In 1996, she left the serial after being cast on Melrose Place, where she was soon fired on the grounds of being pregnant, and returned shortly after.In 2002, Tylo and the show's executive producer Bradley Bell had mutually agreed that the character was "played out", and Taylor was subsequently killed off, last appearing on October 30, 2002.PHOTOS: Hunter Tylo Through The Years When the 49-year-old stepped out on the red carpet at the 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival on Sunday, she barely looked like the ravishing brunette who has played Dr.

Most of her history revolved around her relationship with love interest Ridge Forrester.Tylo's addition to this week's "B&B" comes as a surprise since the actress made a high-profile exit from the show last year."I am moving forward and opening back up thousands of acting roles available, writing and pursuing my skin care line," Tylo said in a statement to Soap Opera Digest last summer. Fortunately, Maya caught Oliver's confession on tape and will share it with Carter next week."I need to hold on to this job and it this means dating the red headed Forrester for a bit I am willing to do it," Oliver said. Hunter Tylo is a very familiar face to millions of soap fans from over two decades starring in The Bold And The Beautiful, but many might not even recognize her after a dramatic transformation that is as outlandish as one of the daytime drama’s over-the-top storylines.Using her professional position for all it was worth, she recommended to Brooke that she give Ridge space and, when space was offered, easily filled it herself.This didn't sit well with Taylor's unbalanced ex-husband who attempted, futilely, to split them up before leaving town.Taylor soon found herself trapped with her mentor Dr. Petrified that he would die a virgin, he begged Taylor to spare him the embarrassment and she showed him her compassion.Taylor survived the ordeal, but her act of generosity was soon found out by Brooke.Taylor, who is a psychiatrist, could intentionally set Aly over the edge by pretending to "treat" her for her erratic behavior.Making matters worse, Taylor is at the root of all of Aly's problems since they started with the death of Darla. I'll keep you posted on my every new adventure."Meanwhile, Aly is already falling to pieces mentally, especially since "B&B" fans just recently learned that Oliver has been fooling her all along just to get a job at Forrester Creations. "Taylor's reapperance will be a welcome surprise for "B&B" fans who have grown tired of the love triangle between Hope, Wyatt and Liam.Why not have a good time and earn some money doing it?!After all who wouldn't love to fuck this sexy milf?!