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This little piece of information solely cuts out any possible rumors about her being a lesbian because after she had performed the lesbian kiss on the popular CW TV series Arrow, it raised some suspicions but it is not sure that it was all professional but being straight does not mean she despises homosexuality. In 2013, she tweeted for the legalized gay marriage and was happy about the gay people having their equal rights.

One of the superheroes Rip recruits is Sara Lance, a.k.a. DC Comics fans unfamiliar with Sara’s character shouldn’t start thumbing through their collection for more info just yet: Sara is an original creation from the team behind the Arrow television series. We mourned the loss of her in Season 3, as did everyone else on Team Arrow, including her lover, Nyssa. And even though they brought her back to life, we were even more thrilled to find out she was being fully resurrected for CL: Yeah, we already shot! The couple dated for about a year (2013-2014) before heading to their separate ways.Like Caity, Maciej is also in a relationship currently and is dating Paulina Wyka.She has modeled for Esquire and Men's Health, later with the website Me in My Place.She is yet unmarried but these days she is dating a Polish actor and model with whom she is spotted quite often. Prior to her this relationship, she never had mentioned about her boyfriend, as it is obvious she might have dated lots of handsome guys in her past days. To know more about her we can follow her on Twitter @caitylotz. So she wanted to be able to say to this girl—who she could tell is not into guys—she could be like, “Hey, it’s OK. She has this really funny line when [Martin] Stein (Victor Garber) was like, “What are you doing you can’t go up to this repressed girl? AE: How does Sara see herself in terms of her own sexuality? I think that scene at the bar was mostly to get to the guy, AE: Is there anything you think lesbian and bisexual women, in particular, will enjoy about the show? As of now the relationship is not going to be a thing on this show but hopefully, we will get to see some stuff with that. I think the relationship is a love interest, and I think that’s cool. My costume is still a corset, so I’m kind of bound by it but can still move around and do some stuff so, yeah! Even though back in the ’50s, you didn’t get to do that. It’s totally normal.” So she wanted to be able to be that for her. With the possibility of seducing her later.” So it’s kind of a really cute flirtation they have.Multitalented artist Caity Lotz (born on December 30, 1986) has enrolled herself in acting, dancing, singing, modeling and martial acting.She was raised in San Diego, California so she holds the American nationality and her ethnicity is white.