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He and his wife already had one daughter, Ava, who is four, but have just welcomed their second, Lyric, to their family.But Mc Lean had something interesting to say in terms of the girls’ sexual orientations. We are talking about [baby] number two so it’s trying to figure out when and where! Adding, “Whatever our next child is, boy or girl, you would think that, ‘Oh I did it once, I’ve got it.’ No. It’ll make it easier, but it’s still going to be a brand new learning process,” he said.

Good Times, Bad Times (Goede tijden, slechte tijden), the RTL 4 series, saw gay couple Lucas Sanders and Menno Kuiper get married.The wedding was reportedly put on hold, but Mc Lean and Karidis have now sent out 'Save the Date' notices to friends and family, asking them to keep December 17 free for the knot-tying!We're sure the winter shin-dig will be larger than life! He told Refinery29: “There is truly no better feeling then being a father and seeing the look on my daughters’ faces and…and how they look up to me…if I lost everything in my career, if Backstreet said no and we were done tomorrow, I would still be happy and satisfied being a proud father, period.And I am so thankful that I did not have boys.” He adds: “I will also go on record by saying, and I told my wife this, I hope that both of my daughters are gay because that takes all p***s out of my life — I do not want to deal with boys ever.But if I do have to, they’re going to have to go through quite a lot of trials to go through me because my daughters are my life.” Of when his daughters get old enough to date, Mc Lean takes a leaf out of Joey Fatone, of N*Sync’s book.He says: “He’s got a 15-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl, and the 15-year-old went on her first date last year and what he told her to say was ‘Whatever you do to me, my dad will do to you.'” “So, I am going to keep that and I am going to use it.Under the patient gaze of director Stephen Kijak (, AJ and an old friend try to work out if the vomit he once drank in a late-night bowling alley was his own or someone else’s. As the film opens, we watch AJ struggle through a hillside hike, having blown his knees out years before. The band were initially formed when impresario Lou Pearlman – who also put N’Sync together – placed an ad seeking young vocalists in an Orlando newspaper. He gave us the opportunities that led us to getting signed to Jive Records. Had he not gone that route he’d still probably be a huge part of our lives. Backstreet Boy AJ Mc Lean has made a bold statement, saying he hopes both of his daughters turn out to be gay.Also in attendance was Nick‘s little brother Aaron Carter, who performed a remix of “I Want Candy.” Watch Maroon 5‘s “Harder to Breathe” (and the rest of the performances) below!The chick, Wendy Rice, is the one confronting him in the video posted earlier today -- she tells us during their argument Mc Lean repeatedly told her "I'm an alcoholic."Mc Lean has a well-documented history of substance abuse.