What are the ten commandments of dating

Whilst moving back from Paris six months ago, I bitterly bid adieu to many things I loved – fresh croissants, Dries sample sales, cheap travel, men in great suits, the list goes on.In the midst of these misgivings, one of the consolatory thoughts that kept me going was the knowledge that New York had evolved significantly over the years, propelling the rise of an entire new micro-oasis, equipped with its own cultural trends, sartorial codes, and my own personal form of male kryptonite – Brooklyn hipsters in all their disheveled glory!But one thing’s for sure: if you keep making fun of his strong accent or the fact he doesn’t have one, you won’t be dating very long. ” Know the difference between the Texan and Chilean flags. You can’t expect to endear yourself to a Texas boy without some essential knowledge. actually, just work your time together around football. Not all boys from Texas embrace the cowboy stereotype, but if you can’t have a little fun with your lady while looking the part, what’s the point? Whether you’re interested in Texas boys or girls, there’s always going to be competition.

It’s tempting to wait out the Texas summer in the air conditioning snuggling (or more) under a blanket, but if you’re going to date a Texas boy, be prepared to put up with the heat. Since doing so is way more expensive than it sounds, most of them survive on a hybrid of freelance jobs and creative pursuits, with the more entrepreneurial (and resourceful) launching startups and small businesses. News flash from across the river: SOCIAL MEDIA IS PASSÉ, reserved for money-driven opportunists who have sold their souls for swag. Be it meditation or hypnotherapy or Ayahuasca, you just need one thing to talk about at parties, so study up!If you do happen to have an adult office job, you must counterbalance it with at least one artisanal pursuit, be it mixing your own coconut oil toothpaste in a tepee, or selling hand-woven blankets at Brooklyn Flea. In fact, the most progressive Brooklynites are actually neo-luddists who reject technology in favor of “authentic” old-school communication. If it all starts getting confusing, just remember that most of these things are all pretty similar and revolve around positive energy and karma and all that basic Buddhist stuff that can be found in The Diamond Cutter.Sure, you may feel like a fish out of water with a horse girl, but hang around.Horse girls tend to have a great work ethic, compassion, empathy and more…Part of the reason is pure laziness, for it takes about as much to make a Brooklyn hipster to cross the bridge as it does to make Linda Evangelista get out of bed (minus a few zeroes.) Living in Brooklyn is also a badge of honor, a testament to one’s character and values, a pronounced refusal to submerge to the rat race of the city and live for the quest of a shiny condo with a Miele oven.Given that such shiny condos are now adorning most of North Williamsburg, the real hipsters have long ago made their way towards the more authentic (and affordable) Bed-Stuy area, even farther away from the city. On one hand, most Brooklynites I know are born-again Vegans who would rather – gulp – drive a Hummer than eat cookies containing eggs.She begged her parents for a pony non-stop from the time she could walk.Horse girls think that talking about what type of fly spray works best on flies AND horse flies is scintillating conversation… Especially if you’re a dating newbie or have been out of the scene for a while, the thought of dating can lead to queasy tummies and the feeling that maybe being single is not all that bad. If you want to find the one, there are only really a few ways of doing it.The Ten Commandments of Dating, completely revised and updated, offers hope and sanity to singles who are sick and tired of the dating scene.