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To start the game, go ahead and pick the person with the most dates under their belt. The RED FLAG cards are the qualities that make your date really AWFUL. If they're all mixed up then it's time to think about your organizational skills, you bloody savage.

This will either feed their ego or really, really depress them as they think about the futility of Tinder and how they will never get married or have kids or be happy, really. The PERK cards are the qualities you want in a date. These get played on your totally rad date by your mean friend to make your carefully crafted dreamboat an undateable mess. Each player except the Single draws FOUR Perks and THREE Red Flags.

Try and make your date as cool and unique as you are, you beautiful, shining snowflake! Your cards should be separated into two piles: PERKS and RED FLAGS.

With the exception of beer stains, rips, and folds, your hand will look something like this.

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