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Prostitution in Suriname is illegal, but the laws are rarely enforced.There are 5,000 Dominican and Brazilian women working as prostitutes in Suriname.VICE Netherlands went to Suriname to see how gold is intertwined with everyday life in the country.They ride along with 'Jungle' Ronnie Brunswick - an ex-rebel leader who waged a violent civil war but is now a successful businessman, owning thousands of hectares of gold mining land.We make sure that all of the escorts speak English which makes it much more comfortable and interesting to spend time with these beautiful ladies.Are you looking for a slim lady who doesn’t mind kissing or are you looking for full service (massage sex)?In 1948 Gidsen Suriname was also set up under the influence of the Dutch, and the Association co-operated with Catholic bodies in the Netherlands from the beginning: the Catholic Young Women and the Catholic Young Girls Association.In 1954, Suriname became an independent part of the Netherlands and both organizations became self-governing in all areas of work.

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The commercial sex industry is also benefiting from high gold prices.

Gold industry is attractive to both local and foreign women, whose main motivation is the huge amounts that can be earned in a relatively short time.

No minors are coming, but the ages vary between 20 and even 45.

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in Suriname is carried out under the auspices of Surinaamse Padvindsters Raad (Council of the Suriname Girl Scouts), which was formed in 1968 as the co-ordinating body of the two existing Associations in Suriname: Het Surinaamse Padvindsters Gilde (Surinam Association of Girl Scouts) and Gidsen Suriname (Catholic Guide Movement of Suriname).