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It would not be much fun for anyone if the chat were deluged by spam.I’m not sure I’d call it the killer app the PS Vita’s looking for, but if you’ve been waiting for a video chat option that lets you avail yourself of the Vita’s dual cameras, it’s finally here, as in right now, courtesy Skype.This chatroom isn't intended to be an interactive search box. ADDENDUM April 8th 2012: Despite the below listed rules being quite simple and for the good of the community, there has been and continues to be a number people seeking to challenge these rules, complaining about "censorship" and their right to "freedom of speech," and then when they ultimately get banned, acting with disbelief, hysteria, or both.Ah, it's in the "select" menu, so hold down select, scroll down to chat, hit x until you get the option you want.Have fun talking about the game or anything you want to share.Nor is this a government-mandated programme paid for by your taxes.It exists through the effort of myself and the moderators, who put in time (and in my case also money) so you all can have a place to find information and discuss the game.

Will edit when I go back online and find it, give me a minute.Okay, so kids are playing games on computers, big surprise right? The Review further notes: "Put the board games aside.With video games, you can play with friends, family and other video gamers across the world without ever leaving your living room. Consider this from CNN article Internet Connectivity Key to New Portable Game Devices : “Whereas Nintendo’s 3DS is designed to connect directly with other systems in its vicinity and constantly search the airwaves for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, Sony’s upcoming system takes a page out of the smartphone and tablet playbook.I assume this means that even if an app or game is using one of the cameras, Skype’s intelligent enough to automatically grab the unused one.Worth dashing out to snatch up a Vita if you don’t already have one?4) Full PS3 Back Catalogue compatiility with an enhancement feature included.5) Built in evolved PS Eye camera/mic to counteract Microsofts Kinect integration for casuals 6) All current DLC & Game/PS Home content purchased via PS Store available on PS4 from day zero or it's a bum deal for me :( 7) Improved browser 8) Improved Menu/Interface I would pay maximum £299 and if it costs more, then i'll stick with PS3 until the (inevitable) price drop within 6 - 12 months post launch.You can pause a game or app, slide over to Skype, make a call, then slide back to whatever you were playing or doing.And since the Vita has both front and rear facing cameras, Sony says you can switch between the two during a Skype call.) With Skype on the PS Vita, Manrique Brenes, a senior director at Skype, says the company is “taking another step towards our ultimate goal of making Skype video calling available on every platform, all over the world, and meeting the demands of existing Play Station users to offer video on a gaming console.” No, Brenes doesn’t mean the Play Station 3 when referring to “a gaming console” — Sony’s angle from the get-go has been that the Vita counts as one, too. It wasn’t available to download yet while I was tying this story up, but Sony notes that it’ll work on either the 9 Wi-Fi or 9 Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the Vita, which makes it the first viable Play Station-based videophone that’ll function anywhere you have Wi-Fi or access to AT&T-based 3G.In keeping with the Vita’s modus-operandi, Sony says Skype runs in “background mode” while you’re using other apps or games (though games or apps that shut down the Vita’s network connection will kill a current Skype session).