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People index 1834 onwards (refers to people mentioned in deaths, births, marriages, funerals, bequests, bankruptcies etc) * General index 1834 - * Local celebraties cuttings file 1920's to approx 1974 * Subject cuttings file ( firms, schools, churches etc) * There are also collections including the Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliffe) and Valley Parade Football Ground.1825 various dates can be seen at Beverley Local Studies Library and under such headings as people, obituaties.Some of the indexes have been done as projects by various groups and individuals.The newspaper launched its "Read On" literacy campaign in 2006, prompted by statistics which showed that over 1700 Wakefield adults cannot read.The campaign was backed by Tony Blair and Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding, and organised a Wakefield Book Day in March 2007 and provided reading material for primary school leavers worth £10,000.In a letter to the Wakefield Express, Mr Thompson wrote: “I’m urging the people of Wakefield to vote Labour.We can’t let the Tories get a huge majority.”Wakefield, which Ms Creagh has represented since 2005, is a key target for the Conservatives at this election.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.They are a very important historical resource but with being paper being of a fragile nature and dating back to the early 1700's, some of the originals may not have survived and are only available of microfilm or fiche LUL Leeds University Library NYL North Yorkshire Libraries (check at which local library the newspapers are held at - Malton, Harrogate, Northallerton, Scarborough, Skipton, Selby, Easingwold) # York Reference Library ** These can be viewed at the British Library (some years are in a poor condition) * These can be found in Malton Library The following can be found at Barnsley Library.Newspaper cutting index 1858 to present * Obituaties file index 1857/8 to present * First World War index 1914-1918 * Memories index 1992 onwards (articles of an historical nature)The following can be viewed at Bradford Central Library- Local Studies.In the Domesday Book of 1086, it was written Wachefeld and also as Wachefelt.Flint and stone tools and later bronze and iron implements have been found at Lee Moor and Lupset in the Wakefield area showing evidence of human activity since prehistoric times.There is also product advertising - patent medicines, dental instruments, patent washing machines many more obscure items and businesses that are still known today.Newspapers, are a source to be looked at, not only for people looking for members of their family but anyone who has an interest in social history.It became the county town of the West Riding of Yorkshire and was the seat of the West Riding County Council from 1889 until 1974, when the county and council were abolished, and of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council from 1974 until its dissolution in 1986.The name "Wakefield" may derive from "Waca's field" – the open land belonging to someone named "Waca" or could have evolved from the Old English word wacu, meaning "a watch or wake", and feld, an open field in which a wake or festival was held.This part of Yorkshire was home to the Brigantes until the Roman occupation in AD 43.A Roman road from Pontefract passing Streethouse, Heath Common, Ossett Street Side, through Kirklees and on to Manchester crossed the River Calder by a ford at Wakefield near the site of Wakefield Bridge.