Updating the trainz asset database

Trainz 1.0 (the first 'Trainz Community is a Edition') was first released in the fall of 2001, after nearly three years of development after Microsoft's MSTS beat them into the market even as they'd started to distribute the Beta release 'Trainz 0.9'.The early design studies included various railroad hobby organizations on four continents, who continued in that role as the software reached maturity.And when community members upload items to the DLS, they are often unaware that they are about to cause even more hair to fall out from the heads of many other Trainz fans as they search for non-DLS items :) For 5 years now, one community member has invested thousands of hours into providing a resource to help other Trainz fans find all those missing assets.Pierre's website, Trainzkuidindex, looks at all the other websites, assebles all those links and provides a search facility to access them.

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These values are no longer solely controlled in settings of the Trainz Options text files, but now through This Trainz/Using wide screen monitors section is a stub placeholder, an outline or marker that this section of the book is otherwise incomplete.

As with any IT system, Trainzkuidindex involves time consuming maintenance and operation.

This includes full validation of crawling results before updating the website database, checking and fix crawling problems, adapting crawling settings, real time helping the robot when hitting complicated Javascript, searching for new Trainz fan sites, answering messages, improving the web site, etc...

In September 2014, Trainz Simulator 12 (TS12 or TS2012 became the only 'Supported' Windows version of Trainz.

Assuming you are a new Trainzer and so using TS12 or a MAC version, proceed to as TS12 allows monitor selection adjustments internally in the Launcher This note in general is applicable to TRS2004 / TRS2006 / TC / TC2 / TC3 / TRS2007 / TRS2008 and TRS2009.