Updating task status updates resource status

it looks like it has something to do with the order I approve the updates.

I'll post again, when I confirmed my suspicions.

The second step to achieve this configuration is to define and assign the auto-reaction methods to the desired MTEs in the CCMS monitoring infrastructure.

In order to perform this configuration, follow the steps mentioned in the Defining an Automatic Alert Notification SAP online help documentation.

This page provides details about the CCMS monitoring infrastructure, specifically focused in the update resources monitoring, providing details about how to find the monitoring functions and how to configure them accordingly.

The CCMS monitoring infrastructure, a solution within SAP Net Weaver, centrally monitors any IT environments - from individual systems through networked SAP Net Weaver solutions, to complex IT landscapes incorporating several hundred systems.

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I want to create the assignment and report work actuals.I have one task in my project (Auto scheduled, Fixed work). Create New Assignment With Work( s Name: Task 31 - Fixed Work, proj Guid: "a8a601ce-f3ab-4c01-97ce-fecdad2359d9", task Guid: "024d7b61-858b-40bb-ade3-009d7d821b3f", assn Guid: "e3451938-36a5-4df3-87b1-0eb4b25a1dab", sum Task Guid: Guid. Thanks in advance PS: Forgot to say that I'm working with MS Project Server 2010 and MS Project Professional 2010 Hm...Resource availability of all resources is set to 100%. Empty, dt Start: , dt Finish: , act Work: 900000, f Milestone: false, f Add To Timesheet: false, f Submit: false, s Comment: "auto commit..."); I've spend quite a bunch of time, trying to find out, how to update the values to get the results that I want. seems that I could narrow down this odd (at least for me) behaviour a bit...If you apply the checklist to your project schedule, you will improve the quality of the schedule and, hence, your control of the project. A good schedule is a model of the project that provides valid forecasts and that is easy to maintain. Let's break the term valid dynamic model into its components: A schedule has to be a model of the project: A schedule has to be dynamic.The ideal of a totally dynamic model is that if one thing changes in reality, you should have to change only one field in your Microsoft Project model.The first step is to define which MTEs you want to monitor in transaction RZ20, with this, you can start to set up their thresholds accordingly, so you are alerted in the correct scenario.Follow the Adjusting the Threshold Values chapter from the Configuring Alert Triggering and Alert Reactions SAP online help documentation for a detailed step by step on how to achieve this.Important Note: The software found on this site is available for download, but is no longer being actively developed or maintained.C665x and C667x devices are now actively maintained on the Processor-SDK release stream.In this section, you learn about the Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20) and its monitoring functionalities.The CCMS Infrastructure allows you to monitor the updates resources available in the SAP instance by using the transaction RZ20.