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*UPDATE* As of 1/14/2014, (the developers for Punkbuster) have fully dropped support for Call of Duty 4 (PC and Mac).The will no longer work or update for Call of Duty 4.For more than 15 years, the staff members at Even Balance have worked to identify and remove cheaters from dozens of on-line games.Our approach, technology, and experience have made Punk Buster the top-tier anti-cheat solution in the video game industry.the tutorial says to put them in a dll folder inside the pb folder but there wasn't a folder and i just have it in there and it worked.The files you need ( 3 files all go here (user name/ Library/ Application Support/ Call of Duty 4/ pb/ htm)mc002301( in Firefox it just downloads the file you Google Chrome There will be a lot of words on a blank page just do a save as and it will be html just delete the html part after file dissapears after you log back in i believe because it is no longer there in my folder.If you receive punkbuster errors within the game, you will need to turn the punkbuster option off within the game.

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Etwaige Updates respektive deren Dateien werden zumeist ungeachtet eines End-of-Service des Titels seitens Punk Buster (durch Kündigung der Service-Verträge von Seiten des Spiele-Publishers, selbstredend eine Kostenfrage …) weiterhin vorgehalten.This is due to an error with the Co D4 masterserver and the Place it in the "C:\Steam Path\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\" directory nc1sxly1nqtt6yi https:// You could also try to set the file to "read only".Steam only sells the GOTY edition, so Steam users don't have to do anything to use the Variety Map Pack.The only difference is that the Steam-version patches the game automatically.Remove the existing entry and re-add a fresh entry pointing to your Steam Call of Duty 4 folder.Don't click the Update Punk Buster button and don't worry if you get an error about updating. Attempt to join the Game Grin server and it should all hopefully work now!Das File für Co D 4 liegt nicht mehr auf dem Service von PB.Einige Server scheinen aber immer noch PB vorrauszusetzen. Da ich es auch mal wieder installiert habe und dann über Google auf euren Thread gestoßen bin, habe ich mal einen Steamguide erschaffen und mich hier bei CB registriert! Funktioniert übrigens auch bei anderen alten Spielen. After trying a whole bunch of Punk Buster versions and fiddling with a ton of nonsense I figured out a combo of things that work.This archive contains version 3.8 of PB with dlls and config that still supports COD4.