Updating nuvi 610 map

I have been blogging now for about ten years, only I never called it blogging, I called it "obsessive compulsive ramblings to myself on a word processor because I can’t afford a shrink". I read a few articles on blogs, I saw Wil Wheaton on MSNBC and decided to give it a try.

It seemed a bit better than tapping away into the night on Word, isolated and alone.

Added ability to set a via point while navigating a calculated route. Fixed issue resulting in bad point information on the map.

Added ability to remove the red pin while panning the map. Fixed inability to select turn/guidance information on map while in nuvi mode and navigating.

If you buy one of the latest models you can be sure they’ll always include up-to-date mapping.

A product comparison between Garmin GPSMAP 64 and 64s and 64st handheld GPS.

Comparing differences and similarities between the two Garmin.

Well...me stop my self-indulgent flagellation enough to introduce myself a bit.And by no means that this comparison is definitive.There might be other similarities and differences which are not covered here.I hate the way my shirt clings to every protruding lump, I hate the way my ass strains to get free from the confines of my ever shrinking jeans, I hate the way I have to avert my eyes from the mirror when I get out of the shower, I hate the way my undulating waves of excess jiggle when I walk."Well Fatty", the skinny bastard inside me says, "I guess you don’t hate yourself enough to actually do something about it? I have been on so many diets, tried so many things, so many times for so many years, it hardly seems that I have not done something about it.The Garmin GPSMAP 64, 64s and 64st make up a set of midrange, handheld GPS mapping devices for hikers, geocaching enthusiasts, marine travelers and others who enjoy the outdoors.The features of the walkie talkie shaped devices in the GPSMAP 64 series vary from the basic GPSMAP 64 model to the more advanced 64s and 64st models.I drive all over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and as far west as Ohio and other states along the East Coast.Your program has saved me a lot of money and, makes my job much easier. Fixed issue with list controls incorrectly appearing enabled. Fixed issue with 'lock on road' setting not saving during a power cycle. Fixed issue with reviewing a list of multiple points from the map. Fixed issue with charging indication when unit is fully charged.