Updating images of south sudan

The United Nations refugee officials say more people are arriving in Uganda on a daily basis while the country has difficulty providing them with ample food and shelt...housands of people continue to flee uncertainty and fighting in South Sudan.Since fighting erupted on July 7 between forces loyal to President Kiir and First Vice President Machar, 26,468 people have crossed into Uganda’s northern region, including 24,321 in the previous six days alone. Nearly 3,000 people fleeing the latest flare-up in South Sudan crossed into Uganda over the weekend and more are expected while tension remains high in the region, the UN refugee agency said today.

In addition to these, there is the complicated and rich historical context these disputes take place in…Despite the UN call to end the fighting and with peace talks that have ensued, in May there was continued bombing in certain border regions of the South Sudan and Sudan border areas to the outrage of the international community.🙂 So, join me today for another black spray paint project.These 2 harp back chairs are yardsale finds (of course, they are!) and I’ve enjoyed them in their brown state for a few years now, but have lately been eyeing them with black on the brain. First, you take off the seats by unscrewing those 4 screws.I’ve changed the fabric on these a couple of times which is as easy as stapling and pulling fabric.The year 2012 saw a sharp increase in violence and fighting in South Sudan.The month of April saw the height of it, with all round fears of a full blown war between South Sudan and Sudan.Will the peace talks lead to peace between the Sudans?This question is difficult to answer of course, if only we could predict the future accurately. Many almost ‘want’ the war, with deep seeded anger towards Sudan and not wanting the Sudanese to profit in any way from South Sudan’s riches.ack in 2002, I was on the cutting edge of the black painted furniture craze, when after doing a kitchen renovation at my house in Georgia, I painted my kitchen chairs black (which I shared about 2 years ago here). There have been many more furniture transformations using black paint since that day.I think this trend actually started with Ballards Designs (at least to me) when I picked up their catalog and began seeing black furniture, a light bulb went off. You’ve seen countless demonstrations of painting furniture black on the web, but here’s mine….again.