Updating election map

Tonight, Miles Coleman will be live blogging returns here and updating our comparison charts.

The two maps on top are the vote by county color coded by the winner and margin, the bottom two represent the Republican/Democratic lean of every county tonight compared to the 2016 Gubernatorial contest (which Gianforte lost narrowly) and the 2016 Congressional contest (which Zinke won handily).

We've moved the state into the Favors Democrats category after five polls in the past month, using different methodologies, showed Hillary Clinton leading by between six and 15 percentage points.

We previously had New Hampshire listed as a tossup.

Most of the ballots have already been cast: a majority of Montana voters opt to vote via mail-in.

This is important, given the developments in the last 24 hours.

Poll closing times are listed below, along with the number of electoral votes each state receives.

This map provides a state-by-state overview of the current polling.

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Like our last update, this one shifted more states away from Donald Trump.Get real-time election night updates on the race for the White House.We'll bring you the very latest results all night long, thanks to FOX News.The Republican, Greg Gianforte, has been charged with assaulting a reporter with The Guardian, and the three largest newspapers in the state have rescinded their endorsements of him.With the state’s Republican lean, he may still win, considering the number of votes already in the bank (268,498 to be exact).Looking at some early voting from counties of interest: Yellewstone (slighty R leaning): 56/37 Gianforte Lewis and Clark (normally moderately blue): 52/42 Quist With over 100K votes in, Quist leads 48/46. Map 2 compares the results to last year's Governor's race, where Gov. Map 3 compares the results to last year's House race, where current Interior Secretary Zinke won by about 15%.With polls closing in a 40 minutes to go, here's a picture of what our format will look like. Tonight, we visit Montana as voters decide whether to fill the at-large vacancy with Democratic candidate Rob Quist or Republican Greg Gianforte.States for which we are currently at least 95% confident in the outcome are considered “safe states” and are colored in the darkest color.States for which we are less confident in the outcome are more lightly colored based on the direction in which they are currently leaning (either towards Clinton, or towards Trump). As you can see, not much has changed since we updated the map in early August -- just one state, in fact.Overall, our map currently gives Clinton 279 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 191. Four states with 68 electoral votes still seem truly to merit the tossup label: Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.