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She also enjoys the company of her cuddly fur baby, Kiki, who doubles as an alarm clock in the mornings.She loves Tucson’s fabulous weather, and her favorite secret spot is anywhere on top of Mt. Anthony “Tony” Bruno has been SAAF’s Grants Coordinator since 2015.Now Missanelli is in a ratings dogfight, and both sides are playing dirty. Within minutes, Quaz and Innes were standing up, bouncing back and forth to a hip-hop track. You at a black wedding, you doing the Cupid Shuffle? “Everybody can do that.” “I’m fat,” Innes said, still bobbing to the music. On today’s show, Innes’s producer delivered dramatic readings from his Twitter rant while Innes squirmed. There are ppl who say “oh, this guy doesn’t talk sports”.“I’m already tired.” “One question,” Quaz asked regarding his potential as a WIP employee. …blah blah blah PM: What those ppl don’t realize is that all I care about is radio. for the record “Save Ferris” t-shirt that’s become, like seemingly everything in his life, material for his show. You have to wrap that rascal, dogg.” “Nah, the second one is the gem. “I could have been a square,” Innes explains after Quaz leaves, “but you jump in.[7 Tips for Choosing a Payroll Service] How to get started: RUN Powered by ADP Mobile Payroll is available to clients of RUN Powered by ADP. These days all it takes is a little creeping to find out what you really want to know.According to Media Takeout, there have been rumors that Bruno Mars girlfriend is pregnant with his baby.

The following is a typical day on the air with Josh Innes, the new afternoon-drive host on 94 WIP, Philadelphia sports-talk radio’s long-running leader. I grew up playing basketball, so I was the one white guy, and they liked when I was being goofy and stupid. I don’t take myself too seriously.” Minutes later, on the air, Innes admits to sending a woman a cell-phone pic of his genitals. “It’s not attractive at all.” There’s something evolutionary happening here — the young guy, plugged in and allergic to the status quo, taking on and pissing off middle-aged rivals who’ve been in the game for almost as long as he’s been alive.

It’s late July in the station’s studio overlooking 4th and Market, and Innes is praising Jonathan Papelbon, the crotch-grabbing closer the Phillies just traded, to almost no one’s dismay. Later, a caller named Ed begs the Phillies to keep their ace, Cole Hamels. I’m serious.” When Ed tries to steer his otherwise dirt-dull conversation back to baseball, Innes redirects, asking about his favorite TV shows as a kid (“A little “Yeah,” Ed says. That’s partly because you’re as likely to hear the 29-year-old Innes sing along to the theme of or talk about his new Adderall prescription or debate whether a hot dog is a sandwich as to hear him discuss guys who throw balls for a living. It also suggests we may be on the fast track to hell. That’s embarrassing.” A week after my studio visit, Innes and his girlfriend of almost five years, Jilly, are sharing a platter of ribs and sausage from Bull’s BBQ, just beyond the outfield at Citizens Bank Park.

Innes says he appreciated Pap’s big-mouthed jackassery, especially in a town where “there’s nobody interesting who plays sports.” His co-hosts — Spike Eskin, WIP’s program director and son of Howard, and ex-Eagles lineman Hollis Thomas — disagree that the pitcher’s honesty about his lousy team was a good thing. Hollis, the show’s resident ladies’ man, chimes in: “If you were planning to get it on later, would you tell her? Since Innes was promoted to afternoons in February, WIP has topped its rival, 97.5 The Fanatic, in the ratings for the first time in that slot in five years. Innes did his show today from WIP’s remote studio here, and now they’re taking in a miserable Phillies game.

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