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I stood sweating mightily next to Andy Grammer, deciding whether or not I should put my prescription sunglasses on or not, but ultimately deciding not to because I didn’t want to publicly unpack my suitcase of a bag.So I stood there eavesdropping on Grammer, who talked about how much he loves his dog to two other people who I don’t know until he finally looked at me. I extended my hand and introduced myself while simultaneously knocking my own cellphone out of my hand. Where we would hold the interview (as it was a bit loud due to the Plain White T’s sound checking and practicing) was a struggle to figure out.Even the love songs that don’t directly deal with the ostensible theme of mentally dialing back the aging process have references to nostalgia, childhood lost, or innocence regained. You definitely remember their huge hit "Hey There Delilah", and you're probably rocking out to their newest hit, "Rhythm of Love" -- it's featured in the promo for Secret Life of the American Teenager! We all decided pretty easily on the top 20 and from there we just narrowed it down.There I was, standing on the green grass of Alumni Park, wishing I wore sneakers instead of velvet cat-shaped shoes and pleather leggings.I thought it would be a bright idea to show up early — 30 minutes was too early.She always had a boyfriend and it didn't really work out.Funny story -- when we were nominated for the Grammy, I called her up.

The band have just completed a US headline tour and will be performing at the Download Festival on the 12th June, they have also confirmed their rescheduled London date for June 14th at 100 Club.

J-14: What's the best thing a fan has ever given you? We had all our equipment stolen around 5 years ago and we told fans about it on our website.

Some of the guys found love; others lost it recently.

We decided on the white tent complete with a table and two brown wicker benches with red cushions. He was born in Los Angeles, but grew up mostly in New York.

He was born to Kathy Grammer and Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Red Grammer, who greatly influenced and helped his career.