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Five years and four months later, he is 12, huge, bilingual, spared smocks and entering puberty, and he has just had his first formal lesson in sexual education in the French style. He pointed to the dreadful fate that had befallen Louis XVI, who had failed to clean himself properly and was therefore sexually dysfunctional as an adult.

Much of French education (though it has many things going for it) is neither creative nor factual, but abstract and theoretical. (His failure to consummate his marriage to Marie Antoinette and to produce an heir for years was one of the factors that undermined the authority of the crown and helped to generate the French Revolution.)All of this advice to 12-year-olds seemed sane and sensible, just as you would expect in a country without sexual complexes, such as France. Sexual education in French schools is a recent thing and still controversial.

From a tender age, French children learn the facts of grammar and maths; they also have to memorise the theory of sentence construction and complex geometrical definitions. Although schools were informed that they could introduce sex education as long ago as 1973, it wasn't made a part of the national curriculum until 1998.

The scam only came to light when one of the men contacted police, who set up a sting codenamed ‘Operation Machine’ to track down Sutherland.

Detectives found he had used the cash to fund a lavish lifestyle of chauffeur-driven cars and nights out at expensive bars.