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isn't it is a latent goal for most writers/creators to make a permanent work, in terms of its economic value and its prosperity quotient? More of what's done practically speaking is replacing the journal maybe, but I don't see the 'monuments' of academic discourse -- major crit volumes, biographies, etc. Unless the academic essay is allowed to take advantage of electrate qualities of the media/um . " Isabel says, "Bob - my line of undercurrent thought is that the world is already sufficiently subject to US / European domination of thought - might be nice to leave some preserved patches of cultural differences." Reiner says,"Alan, I don't mean a canon in terms of the overall structure of the diversity of information presented on the net, rather the artistic conventions/production and correspond][ance][ing dynamic." Scott Rettberg Rettberg says, " I think you're right about the slippage occurring more slowly in book-canons, though they change as well.

" Dominic Fox says, "Talan M - yes, but you might have to think differently about what a substrate is in order to take account of the /overlapping/ of protocols in the network - the substrate is already a text then." Alan Sondheim says, "There are confluences of substrates, all sorts of layers ranging from machine language through assembly, low-level; there are more and more specialized languages both script and otherwise for writing code; what we see as new media work online is a surface residue with roots of problematic length." Alan Sondheim says, "I think you've hit something, mez - there were all those discussions in the 70s about auteur theory in film, directorial theory. moving entirely from paper to screen anytime soon." Talan Memmott says, "Scott Rettberg -- I think most of those texts are better suited for paper . TS Eliot's canon was different from Bloom's is different from yours or mine. ) orgs who stand to make money by assembling and selling e-lit. Alan Sondheim says, "That might only hold for more static work, Talan - I'd think of this as cross-platform, but it's interesting, as soon as you have dynamic, there are corporate considerations right from the beginning." mez^ says, "i find it n.teresting that the m.ulation of tradition marketing techniques, tool, etc still obsess us . .n.stead of using the potentialities we still run back to the economic rationalist model . about furthering the openness of the distribution idea?