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(It would be a stretch to say that Paul was instructing husbands and wives to do something which normally requires no prompting).But premarital kissing does not fall under the same category as kissing a fellow believer, your sister, your dog or your parakeet.

Samantha Irby mines what ought to be old material but isn’t, at least not by the time she is done with it, and her edgy, plain-truth humor may leave you breathless by the time the last page is turned.

I was embarrassed." And Gates later explained that he subbed that part of the segment for another that made for more "compelling television." But providing a window into the importance of slavery's past to America's present should never just be about what makes for good television. And Affleck's initial reluctance to acknowledge his truth (an impulse, he said on Facebook, he regrets) is surprising.

Last month, Affleck lent his star power to support continued foreign assistance for the Democratic Republic of Congo by testifying before Congress.

Much of the base level subject matter is eternal and well worn: needing to use the bathroom while stuck in traffic; dating; racism; attempting to lose weight. She refers to herself as “old”, and since at 36 she is the age of this blogger’s eldest child, I suspect that I am not her target audience.

But so much of what she says is eternal, and her take on current social concerns such as cop violence and the horror of stumbling upon a bunch of white people in the hinterland performing a Civil War reenactment complete with Confederate flags is welcome and resonant.