Stephanie pratt dating josh hansen

Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne has swiftly moved on from her ex-boyfriend Luke Worrall - she's dating motocross racer Josh Hansen, according to a U. But Osbourne is in love again, according to Britain's Daily Mail - she has reportedly embarked on a romance with Hansen - a Bmx champion who has previously dated The Hills star Stephanie Pratt.

The former pop singer was left devastated after learning of Worrall's alleged infidelities and split from the model last month.

It trains them to ask for dates a lot earlier in advance.

That's the most amazing part is that I've realized they can actually be trained.

A., but make no mistake, this was still The Hills, for better or worse, just in a jungle setting.

Somebody please explain this one to us, if you don't mind.

During the third season, Conrad ended her friendship with Montag after she suspected that the male Pratt was responsible for rumors of a sex tape involving her and her former boyfriend Jason Wahler; the ensuing feud between the three carried through each subsequent season.

During production of the third season, the female Pratt first appeared on the series while angrily confronting Conrad at a club.

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It originally chronicled the lives of Lauren Conrad, who appeared on its predecessor, her housemate Heidi Montag, and friends Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

Stephanie Pratt is somehow dating two dudes at the same time.

Presumably they go out on the same date, like on The Bachelorette, but still. A week after her bitter Twitter breakup with Josh Hansen, The Hills star is hedging her bets going forward by pursuing more than one fella interest at a time. The entire cast of The Hills, minus the vanquished Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, but including alumni Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, commemorated the hit MTV series' final episode Tuesday night with one last bash in Hollywood.

Last night on The Hills, the crew marked 100 episodes of the MTV show with a trip to Costa Rica, which offered both incredible scenery and crazy hookups.

It was a nice departure from the clubs and lunches we see in L.