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But until recently people had open questions whether it would be this widespread ubiquitous phenomenon. "We're not everywhere yet, but there's this clear arc where the world generally believes it is going to be everywhere." Billions of people, "whether it's us or somebody else doing it." Last few years, companies who were really serious about desktop software started building Web apps. NOT like traditional Skype where both people have to have the software. We were working with Skype before Tony came on board. Zuck: I'm not going to say a lot about Google , we've only spent a little time on the service. "We try to develop each thing and make it really good." Q: How will this impact infrastructure? One of the fundamental innovations Skype had is it's all peer to peer. "It would have been fine if you were an independent company too." Now it's a sense of stability. We're at this inflection point where we'll see that with social software. "Turns out that dude who walked by will actually get to video chat with his grandson." : "Companies that do one thing will always do better than companies doing a million things." (cough -- Google ) : Now a Facebooker named Peter is demoing group chat. Now Skype is a part of Microsoft, we have a very longstanding relationship with Microsoft. But think about the narrative -- the last five years has been about connecting people, now we're building social apps. Bates: There will be an opportunity to have Skype paid products in the future, but today it's just about reach. Zuck: Video calling is coming to mobile, isn't live yet. Our messaging system -- the inbox is the same as the IM interface that pops up. Bates: Think of this as a mini-Skype client that's embedded nicely into Facebook. All you need is a high speed (DSL or Cable) Internet connection and you’re ready to go.

I assume this means that even if an app or game is using one of the cameras, Skype’s intelligent enough to automatically grab the unused one.It was completely innocent at first, we discussed strategies and tactics of the game, and fought through the hordes of zombies together.she asked me if i would add her on skype, and i was reluctant because she said she was 16. I reluctantly agreed, and things were fine for a while.I felt very awkward and worried about legal repercussions I knew i had to withdraw from the situation.But at the same time I didn't want to kill her self esteem.In keeping with the Vita’s modus-operandi, Sony says Skype runs in “background mode” while you’re using other apps or games (though games or apps that shut down the Vita’s network connection will kill a current Skype session).You can pause a game or app, slide over to Skype, make a call, then slide back to whatever you were playing or doing.After a few hours i was done gaming for the day, when i see a skype call on my screen from her.I answered and she said she was horny and wanted to video chat with me.So i explained that I was too old, and that if she was 18 i would feel differently about the situation.She of course didn't take to kindly to the rejection and started bombing my steam account with messages saying how she felt stupid and things of the self destructive nature..