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It's just what you'd expect from 7 to 15 speakers and a stand-alone amp fine-tuned to match your Toyota's individual acoustics.

Learn More and Toyota engineers work together during the early stages of vehicle design, selecting and placing each speaker and fine-tuning the signal processing to reflect the interior acoustics in a custom blend of art and science.

Their easy-to-read navigation display provides clearly marked directions and can provide real-time traffic updates.

However if you are starting to have display issues, I would definitely look at replacing the head unit.This listing of radio stations that are branded as ESPN Radio is an incomplete sampling of major markets in 2011.The full list of "full-time" affiliates (not all of which are branded "ESPN Radio") can be found here.U-Connect utilizes a small control pad, microphone and speaker which encourages safe vehicle operation and doesn't compromise driver control and even mutes the radio before receiving or sending a call. "Not applicaple/NA msg" - Displayed in Gracenote area.U-Connect also stores up to 32 names in the system's phone book. Critical error, radio must be replaced (non-navigation REN models).Others are definitely envious, but only JBL Premium Surround Sound uses proprietary software to entertain everyone in the car, from the driver to the rear-seat passengers, with the same powerful musical experience. Once set, you just press the home or work button, and you’ll get directions to that location, with an estimated time of arrival based on current traffic.GPS will give you up to three routes to choose from.I don't have recommendations on the head unit to chose, but I myself prefer to remain with OEM stuff when it comes to electronics but that's my personal preference.Lots of people have aftermarket units and have no issues and can definitely enjoy great audio in their trucks. Contact SIRIUS and ask them to send the reflash activation codes to your radio and it might unlock the missing channels. A stealership may have a software update they can apply that would reactivate this.Rock every channel available in your car, including all of the premium programming. Three glorious months of commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk and comedy – and the occasional air drum solo.Learn More system, the sound is consistently exceptional no matter the input source.