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Yet, a small study published recently is making it’s way around social media garnering much outrage indicates that 92% of biracial children born to black fathers are born out-of-wedlock, and 82% of them are in need of public assistance. And don’t think everybody doesn’t know about our dirty laundry.

It is well known that in the African American community fatherlessness is a major problem, 70 % of black children are born out of wedlock in the African American community.

After all, your time is precious and, if you are going to balance work and family demands with dating, you want the people you meet to be worth it.

As with all of these studies, take a look around you.

Is it what you’re witnessing in real, day-to-day life? My brother’s best friend growing up got his white girlfriend pregnant and eventually married her, and went on to have four other kids.

A simple-thinking man will assume that this woman is soooo valuable that men not only procreate with her, but they marry her, so she MUST be something special.

To the simple-minded man, she is the higher-value woman than the never-married one.