Life’s Memories Glass plagues provide families with virtually unlimited scope for working and imagery.

Unlike traditional inscriptions or bronze plaques Life’s Memories glass plaques provide a clean color image and allow a combination of photographs, images, words and colors to be used to provide a beautiful tribute to your loved ones.

We can provide a large range of memorial types to suit any nationality, culture or religion and we also create bespoke memorials for those seeking a unique product.

Life’s Memories supply glass memorial plaques which allow an image to be printed into glass using world first patented technology ensuring that the plaques are able to withstand the elements and maintain their colour in the most extreme conditions.

Prior to Life’s Memories plaques memorials were restricted to traditional lettering, bronze plaques and small ceramic photographs.

Our plaques take this evolution further so that a digital image with full colour photographs, backgrounds and words can all be incorporated into a plaque design.

Abrasive materials should not be used as they may scratch the glass.

The glass we use is laminated and hardwearing but care should be taken when installing or working on the glass as it may break or chip if not handled with care.

Our plaques allow a full colour image to be printed in a high resolution that is protected from fading and able to withstand the Australian elements.

Our plaques can be tailored to suit any clients needs.

As with all glass the plaques should be washed with water or a mild detergent on the front exposed surface.

Read more Life’s Memories Memorials is a leading memorial mason in South Australia.

We can arrange a memorial in any cemetery in South Australia.