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Thats how my young life started, being violently raped and abused over and over again.And thats how the sexual abuse continued throughout my entire childhood.Online predators can be targeting your child on the Internet, in chat rooms, and on social networking websites.Disguised under different names and much younger ages, these predators can be earning your child’s trust and planning on more than being ‘just friends.’ Here are some shocking situations that happened in real-life: Kacie In 2002, 13-year old Kacie Renee Woody met David Fuller in a Christian chat room. They courted for a bit, but Kacie fell in love with another boy and broke up with Dave.The air between us is tense, already perfumed by the glistening trail that coats your exposed lips.The tension makes it seem as if we're both animals. I watched him rummage through it for a moment as I was four feet away, and I clenched...The only window is high on the wall, over a tall filing cabinet, and opens into a well, below ground level.The space feels like a cave, which has always struck Deery as about right, because her job is to talk dirty online to strange men. She has athletic good looks, with tawny skin, big brown eyes, and long straight brown hair that falls over her shoulders.

Amina glanced out of the palace window, searching the cloudy skies for the moon. Read On Added: | Category: Historical | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,787 | Tags: dominance submission disability amputee royalty historical straight | 3 Comments Not yet...Both the policewoman and her target give the author their versions of the truth, in a case that challenges the conventional wisdom about online sexual predators, and blurs the lines among crime, “intent,” and enticement.Detective Michele Deery works in a cubicle in the basement of the Delaware County courthouse, in Media, Pennsylvania.After months of prowling Internet chat rooms, posing as the mother of two young daughters, Detective Michele Deery thought she had a live one: “parafling,” a married, middle-aged man who claimed he wanted to have sex with her kids.But was he just playing a twisted game of seduction?My Space Already convicted Andrew Lubrano (age 39), served 9 years in prison after sexually abusing two boys, age 11 and 9.Shortly after being released from his prison sentence, Lubrano set up an account on My Space and befriended a 14- year old gay high school student, posing as age 16.But most importantly, they have risen above the pain to reclaim their lives. An innocent child at the hands of a cruel grandfather.About twice a year my family would fly out to where my grandparents lived.He knew when she got home from school, when her father left for work, and when she would be at home alone.Kacie’s friends were worried about Kacie giving out information freely to people that she had met on the Internet and even spoke to a counselor at school about their concern. Fuller took Kacie to a storage unit, raped and killed her, before turning a gun on himself.