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Client’s Terms and Conditions for staffbay acting as an Employment Agency.A legally binding contract in accordance with these Terms comes into existence immediately that an account is set up for you on this Website.You'll find Thurston Manor at the foot of the Lammermuir Hills and near the famous East Lothian coastline.However, the temptations are not just limited to the dramatic backdrop of the Lammermuir Hills.The index goes online for free and then all your distant cousins can use it too.You sponsor an indexer to spend a set amount of time (in 30 minute slots) to index a record of your choice, and within that record the date range of your choice.

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Acceptance Date: the date Acceptance takes place or is deemed to have taken place. Candidate: any person who has posted his or her details including but not limited to his or her profile on the Website.

That set amount of time will be spent on indexing the record you have chosen, and then the index will be made freely available online for everybody to access.

As a sponsor your name will accompany the release of the new index entries, and will also remain permanently on our ‘Sponsor Appreciation Page’.

From April 2013 if you have one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms in your property the maximum rent on which you can claim Housing Benefit may be reduced by: 14% if you have one spare bedroom or 25% if you have two or more spare bedrooms.

The rules allow for one bedroom for: Following a recent Court of Appeal judgment those whose children are said to be unable to share a bedroom because of severe disabilities will be able to claim Housing Benefit for an extra room.