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I can’t lie and say Selina can possibly recover to the point she looks exactly like her pre-accident self.But her recovery has been so successful with her facial grafts that she’s gotten her smile and twinkle back. Below are pictures of the wedding and reception afterwards. Serena Williams is dating Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.“They met at a lunch,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.The ceremony was presided over by Taiwan president Ma Ying Jou, with over 1,000 guests attending including top stars, political figures, and business leaders.

The duo did not communicate verbally on stage at all, opting to exchange glances ever so often to tell the other where to go.along with Hebe Tian and Ella Chen) to her lawyer bridegroom Richard Chang.Selina, who last October suffered 3rd to 2nd degree burns over 50% of her entire body during an onset explosion while filming a drama in Shanghai, managed to stun her medical team with her resilience and courage in recovery for the past year, allowing her to finally marry her fiancée after postponing their wedding due to the accident. In the picture which exposed Selina's boyfriend Zhang Yan Zhong, proposed to Selina during the concert, making Ella to shout in envy, also shouting that to have a boyfriend like him, in fact, she has already a secret relationship."One Weekly" continue to observe for months, as long as Ella is in Taiwan, she will meet her boyfriend's house at midnight for a date. As he doesn't wish to reveal this relationship, they both dated secretly for a year. "One Weekly" reported that in reality, Ella has a mysterious boyfriend nearby, Tommy, Zhao Shi Yi, is the formal Taiwan Stock Exchange GM Zhao Xiao Feng.Later Zhao Shi Yi did not feel anxious going back home and he went to a pub and pick up a long hair hot girl to his car, driving all the way to Taiwan Love Motel, staying there for two and a half hour and then leave. Thing which makes her hurt the most, is the relationship with Josh Chen.Ella changed into her lady style because of knowing him liking girls with huge breasts.She’s so weak still she had to sit for the most part of the wedding, and underneath her gown she had to wear a compression garment for her skin grafts to continue to heal.But she is utterly gorgeous inside and out, and I wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness. Selina with her two best friends and group mates Hebe and Ella, who were two of her bridesmaids that night.