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While you both have 20,000 questions, neither one of you is quick to give up answers.Private Scorpio prefers the intensity of a “behind closed doors” encounter, while Gemini is an unrepentant flirt and party animal who needs to be seen on the scene with a sexy partner in tow.He is intense, suspicious and quite a jealous creature in any relationship.If he finds his partner to be genuine he will be loyal to her till the end.Gemini, set up entertaining hobbies at home so you can enjoy domestic bliss your way while Scorpio lounges on the couch.Head and heart combine—or collide—when you pair a talkative air sign with a touchy-feely water sign.The reality is that the Gemini and Scorpio match can actually be one of the most fulfilling and emotionally satisfying matches for love in all of astrology. Intensity, passion, similar interest, but opposite predispositions. If Scorpio takes the time to fully understand the Gemini, Gemini becomes an asset instead of a liability and the chances for greater compatibility between Scorpio and Gemini signs will improve dramatically. If you are a Scorpio man then you have to think things through and take them in your stride.

A Scorpio man can handle, solve, win and conquer seemingly all impossible situations.I explain this in detail in my special report on Zodiac sign compatibility. If Scorpio hates you on the other hand, watch your back. As mentioned earlier, to insure maximum compatibility, Gemini has to put all her cards on the table. Once you fully know a Gemini and then being unreliable is not a big deal. In terms of emotional compatibility, there’s a lot to work with here because there’s a lot of emotional intensity, a lot of passion.Scorpio on the other hand, is all about intensity and passion. Gemini has to say to the Scorpio and show the Scorpio these are all aspects of my personality. You might think I am very open minded and fun and spontaneous now, but don’t be surprise when I become quite boring, fearful or even paranoid later on’. If you like feeling love, if you like feeling appreciated, then as a Gemini woman there is nothing better than having a Scorpio man in your life.In this special report I reveal my expert opinion on the match between Gemini and Scorpio.I will also dispel some of the biggest myths that surround these two signs so read carefully if you want to understand the real truth about relationships between Gemini and Scorpio signs.Jealousy to a Scorpio woman is more passionate than the initial love created between two lovers.One can feel the wrath of this passion and she stops at nothing in getting her revenge on you.This can provoke Scorpio’s stinging jealousy and trust issues, causing Gemini to be iced out.Scorpio…don’t turn off your sexy just because you’re “committed” (or as revenge for your Twin’s flirtatious nature).Both of them are curious lovers and so they can be entirely fascinated with one another.But the very differences that attracted them to each other in the first place can turn into serious issues as time goes on. He may exude tons of handsomeness, charm, masculinity, intelligence and romance, but he does not ordinarily exude excessive sexuality.