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Mostly mishandled and often ignored though reported. *sigh* There are crazy people who do stuff like that in every religion, but it shouldn't reflect on the religion as a whole.

While others reported in the 'processes' are often victims of having thier children taken, then jonny calms down and said dad wouldnt let him play football so he lied. But yes MUCH child sexual abuse here, and not only of girls. I don't see anyone going around bashing Christianity soley because ministers and priests have been known to molest and rape little boys..girls.

The highest incidences are still known people and family members or close friends though. I would imagine there are sick people out there who merely seek an excuse to do what they would have done anyway. *sigh* As far as I'm concerned, the information given to the OP is completely inaccurate and portrays only a portion of what was going on in some wierdo's mind, rather than the whole of the story based on the theory of the religion as a whole.whether or not you believe in it, i find it interesting from a socology stand point.

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The smartest, most passionate, most beautiful women I've met have been Satanists.

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Inside, cops spotted a “large amount of blood on the floor and on bedding in a bedroom.” They also saw “duct tape, which was fashioned in a manner that appeared to be a restraint.” While at the apartment building, police were approached by Rebecca Chandler, 22, who stated, “I think you are here looking for me.” Chandler told cops that she had engaged in sexual relations with the Arizona man “and that the cutting was consensual but that it got quickly out of hand.” Chandler claimed that her roommate--whom she identified only as “Scarlett”--was “the one who did the majority of the cutting” during the incident.Thus, this being would be referred to as "the satan".At the beginning of the book, Job is a good person "who revered God and turned away from evil" (Job 1:1), and has therefore been rewarded by God. So we created Pilipinalove to be a simple and easy way to meet and find a true connection.This site is mainly intended to promote the Philippine dating scene so will have the opportunity to find your special someone. Now put your credit card away & join the most popular dating site in the Philippines, appreciated by thousands of Filipina ladies and foreign men. who brings evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray.Some religious groups teach that he originated as an angel, or something of the like, who used to possess great piety and beauty, but fell because of hubris, seducing humanity into the ways of falsehood and sin, and has power in the fallen world.I was reading and listening to some people talk about how Satanists kidnap or use their children and indoctrinate them into Satanic rituals and torture kids. A number of law enforcement sources, criminologists, psychologists, journalists , and religious affairs commentators have suggested that allegations of SRA are false or at least exaggerated notably the cases reported during the day care sex abuse allegations in the United States during the 1980s and 1990s, with only occasional cases with Satanic ritual elements perpetrated by lone abusers substantiated.Allegedly, there are levels of leading up to the main person, all in service to the devil. The "Satanic ritual abuse panic" as a conspiracy theory or moral panic within the anti-cult movement is now studied as a religious phenomenon in its own right.I was wondering what others thought about or have experienced with this? I dont understand the question Kitty And did you mean they use their own children or other peoples children? I know it has been said that there are coverns who participate in child sacrifice, but have to admit being largely ignorant because I simply will not go there, nor have anything to do with that stuff or people involved in it. The term sadistic ritual abuse sees some use as a more descriptive synonym that makes no assumption of whether acutal "Satanism" is involved.I also know that there has been a practise of stealing children from their parents and placing them with families to be indoctrinated into the ways of that group. We have an incredibly high rate of child sexual abuse here.