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I recall his old X-fm show with a particularly relentless use of “midget” echoing around the car that made me recall dark childhood scenes; only this was carried out by celebrated, middle-aged and affluent, famous men rather than children who might not have known any better.In 2006, as I was watching the World Cup, he came onto the screen at half-time to act out a sketch with six-foot-seven Stephen Merchant and three-foot-five Warwick Davies as a “comical” forward-line.

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Worried fans tweeted the Life on the Road star after the show, clearly concerned about his health. They even laughed when I thought I was having a heart attack. pic.twitter.com/Bt Tg8Y8p4w — Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) February 22, 2017“Thanks to the amazing audience in Bristol tonight.

And while thick skin and acceptance of some forms of comedy comes with the game, it’s his gradual transcendence into “principled campaigner” that reeks of hypocrisy.

In particular, my condition – achondroplasia – has been a career-long obsession for Gervais.

He imagines his workers find him very funny and enjoy his company, while still respecting him and looking up to him as a boss, even a fatherly figure.

A key aspect of the character of Brent is his obliviousness to how other people actually see him, causing him to lash out whenever the veil of ignorance and vanity he maintains is pierced.