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We couldn’t believe our ears when we first heard about this union.

However, while still a teenager she dabbled with acting by playing a supporting role in her father's Bengali language film Biyer Phool (1996) and later accepted a leading role in the 1997 social drama Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat on the insistence of her mother.However, rumours about link-ups and extra-marital affairs have also been part and parcel of tinsel town.While some celebrity weddings saw a rocky end because of alleged link-ups and affairs, there have been others which faced the storm and emerged with a much stronger bond.Reena, who demanded commitment from the actor, was disappointed when he refused to leave his wife.Whatever said and done, we can't deny Sonakshi's striking resemblance to Reena Roy.Bollywood Life brings you 3 mistakes of Salman Khan’s life…actor was also accused of carrying illegal arms, following which he was sent to the prison in the same year and again in 2007.After which Bollywood found it’s first superstar couple.Their affair was the fodder of gossip mills for the longest time. Ash’s family opposed the relationship, but she stood by her man.She then began a full-time career in film and gained recognition for a supporting role in the romance Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998).After this initial success in her career, Mukerji's films fared poorly at the box office for the next three years.