Radiometric dating bill nye

which surrounded trees which were radiocarbon dated at 40,000 years old.

In such a short coaching session, it was not possible to explain to him about every creationist distortion of radiometric dating.

Comparative anatomy was highly convincing evidence in Darwin’s time.

Today we can add comparative molecular sequences (DNA and proteins) which are even more convincing, by orders of magnitude.

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I often hear people use "carbon dating" synonymously with "radiometric dating," but carbon dating is but one of numerous types of radiometric dating.

To paraphrase JBS Haldane, not a single fossil rabbit has ever been found in the Precambrian.

Even if there were not a single fossil anywhere in the world, the fact of evolution would be established beyond any doubt by the evidence from comparing modern creatures with other modern creatures.

Richard Dawkins has gone on the record as saying he would never debate Creationists because “they’ve won the moment you agree to have a debate at all.

Because what they want is the oxygen of respectability.”Physical scientists (such as Bill Nye) should play to their strengths in physical science and call the wingnut out on the age of fossils, and cosmological evidence on the age of the universe.