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The general technique shown can be used to pause or stop any Silverlight animation, including those that are purely decorative.

on an animation often results in a behavior that looks like a "reset" to the user; this is particularly true if the animation is animating an element's position on screen.

The objective of this technique is to associate a "Pause" or "Stop" action for a Silverlight animation with a user interface control.

This enables a user to pause or stop an animation in Silverlight content.

I have a silverlight 4 application which has some text boxes that are as wide as the page.

When there is a validation error, a popup is displayed when the user clicks in the control.

It would be better to govern how often the binding source’s new values are pushed to the binding target. One solution is to create a value converter which governs the data flow between source and target.

It wont go above or below and so as a consequence, most of the popup is displayed out of the page so its chopped off.

In many cases, what might be a conceptual "stop" for the user is better accomplished by a "permanent Pause" in the Silverlight animation API. One function is the "page" constructor, which is what starts and loops the animation.

The other function is the event handler for the UI control (a button).

For more information, see the subsection, Affected and Non-Affected Software, in this section.

The security update upgrades previous versions of Silverlight to Silverlight version 5.1.30214.0, which is the first version of Silverlight 5 that is not affected by the vulnerability.