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However, modern human society develops too rapidly to be guided by old-school convictions.

Our minds become more flexible, diverse, and tolerant.

There’s an enormous difference between, “Dammit, I feel lonely and at a loose end and wish were out having fun, too” and curling up in a little ball and crying your eyes out because you feel so abandoned, alone and unloved. Relationships are forever and always about individuals humans and the different ways we merge and change and bump against each other.

The healthiest of people have down times and the best relationships do, too. I do not believe that there is any great value in white-knuckling it through a romantic relationship.

Some people consider themselves polyamorous because they believe they need and/or want to be in multiple relationships at any given time. We all feel we could be satisfied with just one person.

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Often, the term "fidelity" is used strictly in terms of spouses in a single marriage.themselves okay with being in polyamorous relationships.I’ve seen descriptions of people feeling like their hearts are being ripped out.The term "compersion" was also developed here, which when someone experiences joy because their partner is happy through another romantic interest."Marriage must consist either of love or of law, since it may exist in form with either term absent; that is to say, people may be married by law and all love be lacking; and they may also be married by love and lack all sanction of law.At first she was reticent—but, as she put it, “the opportunity to share with others a glimpse into our life is too good to pass up.” So here’s our interview.Honestly, the term “polyamorous” wasn’t on our radar when we fell in love.(A woman wrote to share with me that, in all ways but legally, she is equally married to both a man and a woman.I asked my new acquaintance if she would be willing to let me interview her about that.He’s got friends and projects and family and is living a busy, happy life — when his partner is around and when he’s alone.I’m also not saying that twinges of discomfort are reasons to drop a relationship.