Pathauto not updating right choice dating

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Under settings, have the following option enabled: - Create a new alias. I had already created URL aliases for Users, changed the pattern, and updated. Had to delete the existing User aliases and only then did Bulk Update work. I expected bulk updates of user URL aliases to update all users, but only users who are missing aliases get updated.

Let's see if our URL pattern changes made an impact.We are at /content/ and then the title of our tour.We can ignore everything past this # right here from now. I have saved the pattern "Pattern for all Basic page paths" as content/[node:title], however, I see that the basic page links from the header navigation open as or etc.I am using WAMP and the 'url rewriting' is checked. I even tried changing the pattern of my other content that already has generated url aliases and ran bulk update later, but I still got the "No new URL aliases to generate" message. From my reading, it sounds as if Path auto is trigged to autmatically create a URL alias when node_save() is called. I later read that I needed to set $node-path['pathauto'] = TRUE; but still no go, everything is showing as node/xx. However, as noted above, Generate URL alias automatically is not checked, and instead the generated URL alias is in the field URL alias.The problem is in user_pathauto_bulk_update_batch_process in pathauto.The query is restricted to users whose url_alias.source is NULL.I am having a problem with Pathauto; I made 2 child terms and only one is displaying correctly.I am using [node:term:parent:url:alias]/[node:term:url:alias]/[node:title] as pattern and on the term that works it displays /home/articles/red; for the term for which it doesn't work (its parent term is "news") it shows /home/blue.