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All these colors are extremely glossy even without top coat.The application was great on all of them, my only complaint is that there is something seriously wrong with the quality control of OPI’s brushes.I bought Dating A Royal for a long time and for some reason, it just sits there and I havne't give it a go. Anyway, the formula is good and among all the bright collections from OPI, Dating A Royal is one of my favorites.

Like I said before thanks to everyone who has posted dupes!!!

Here is a dupes list I have found different ones in different places and put them together.

I can not remember all the places that I have seen them so Thank You to anyone that has posted any dupes.

I started wearing this colour for the first time this week and have had compliments :) First coat is streaky but second coat will give you full opaque coat. I wear it to my office and I have heaps of good comments from the girls.

Not the colour I'd expected, but came out interesting, so I would wear this again and again. Not guys, since they hate any colors other than pink, purple, red and brown.