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Perhaps someone out there had been active on the site during the change and can confirm this.

Dating NZ Singles is a premium NZ dating website which is focused on providing a fun, safe, secure environment for singles looking to date in New Zealand.

The "matches" never changed, there were never any new ones added, my "profile" was never viewed, and the few messages I tried to send were not noted on my "homepage"., nor were they replied to.

strongly suggest that you always get to know the person before going out on any dates.See why Kiwi Date Z NZ Dating is the fastest growing relationship site on the web.Create your Kiwi Date Z NZ Dating profile to begin the exciting journey towards finding your match.That's why Dating NZ Singles prides itself on vetting and making sure new members fill out all the required fields prior to joining which in turn increases the functionality and satisfaction of all our dating members.Dating NZ Singles differs from many other NZ dating websites by having a zero tolerance on adult material, offensive imagery, spamming, bullying and abuse. Dating websites should always be dedicated to helping people like you find their match. so we won't bore you to death with hundreds of questionnaires or even suggest your top matches.Donald Trump has defied science, rationality and the world by pulling out of the Paris Accord on climate change.The president of the United States puts the planet in peril to please a minority of his supporters.Unlike other sites like, I was sent 8 "matches".With the zip codes incomplete, impossible to know where these people lived, but for sure, not within my "50 mile" distance preference.On trying to get a response to my inquires on all this, there was a boilerplate email which did not answer any of my questions. 8 matches, only 1 new match and hardly any within my 50 mile radius.Buoyed by comments from friends left unsatisfied by their experiences with dating websites, Dylan Bland decided he could create better technology himself.