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I am doing research to determine the value of a motorcycle in a pristine restored condition. ct (usa) Thu Apr 02 2009 davidghuff at hotmaildot com Matchless Identification Matchless unk I live in Afghanistan and have found an old bike with the M on the tank. Afghanistan March 10th 2009 Advert on Ebay Australia 1952 Matchless 500 G80S - Dusting Vauxhall Sidecar (1936) Owner bought this award winning combo in 1996, both bike and sidecar are in great condition.

The motorcycle in the first episode is a 1931 Matchless Model X with a Brough Superior Sidecar. Fairfield, CT alternator matchless ajs 500 495cc Hi im looking for an AJS 500 495cc made in 1954 electrical part that powers the light of the motorcycle and storage power it in the battery I think its called alternator if u have anything like that I would like you to contact me with more details and some pictures possible. The bike - Made in england in 1952, single cyl Big Bore 500cc G80S, paint is in good condition, will need some chrome work done (handle bars, exhaust) runs like a dream, sounds great, has some issues with charging, all lights work, horn when it wants to.

I have to say that I like the fact that kids weren't in the show because it was about the couples and their relations to each other,it should have lasted as long as Friends (great show but I just don't see the humor) if not longer.

I also love to see Holly Robinson Peete, she brings a great thing to any show she's on (Did you know her Father was Gordon from Sesame Street?

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RANDY ACKLEY 1 1/2 HP Keller, 6 HP La Crosse, 3 1/2 HP Northwestern.A Brief History of the Marque The Collier brothers built their first machine in 1899, and by 1907 were winning at the Isle of Man TT races.Following a second place in 1908, they won again in 19.We are producing a new series for the Discovery Channel about a mechanic who repairs and restores vintage motorcycles. Thank you so much Charlie Collier 212-324-4601 New York, NY Mon Feb 15 2010 rtemp58 at yahoodot com MATCHLESS PARTS G80 350CC 1963 Is there a catalog wich can be part ordering? the bike ran when i put it away in 1978 in my garage under blankets .We feature six (6) bikes over a three-part series, each episode we plan to share interesting details about the motorcycle which requires some fact checking. as writen it is MATCHLESS G80 1963 350cc Thats what i think Ron Israel Matchless-1963-G80-relic Tue Nov 24 2009 john.b1966 at btinternetdot com Directors of Matchless ? Can anybody please tell me the names of the last Directors of Matchless and AJS when the company finally went into liquidation as AMC Group ? London Sun Oct 11 2009 b.detienne at G8 1948 MATCHLESS G8 1948 - 348 CC Matchless ge 348 cc- 4 t - annee 1948 - remise a neuf (nombreuses nouvelles pieces) documenation epoque - immatriculee en belgique avec papiers en regle / 4.150 € TEL / 003210414787 Belgium Sun Aug 09 2009 dinky860 at hotmaildot com 1965 350 Matchless unsure i am trying to find out some information about this bike i was told it is a very rare motorcycle in the U. can you either give me any information or tell me where to get it ohio Thu Apr 09 2009 sciarcia at what is the value of an original 1960 matchless apache g12csr i have owned this 1960 g12csr since 1962. this bike is all original and a very easy bring back to life project.My friend believe it or not is worse than me on a computer and I,m poor at best. I am an avid collector of old signs and memorabilia so I thought I would ask to see if there's anything available with the Collier (or better still Charlie Collier -- founder of Matchless) name on it.Cheers peter gibson April 2013 Good Day, My name is JT Davis, I'm an Associate Producer at Sirens Media and we are located five miles from the United States Capitol. Please let me know if there's anything laying about...Just go to his page at: " This page is intended to be used as a resource for locating images of stationary engines on the internet.I have also included a few pages that might be of interest to lovers of old iron, such as some serial number lists, and clubs and museum pages. You can simply scroll down and browse through the list, very slow, or you can use the 'find' feature in your browser.Ted Brookover has put a great page together to help identify engines by the ignitor that is used.If you have a "mystery" ignitor type engine, Ted's page is a great place to start.