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Hillary’s newest headache: Sex and emails Security vet: ‘Smoking gun’ email should put Hillary in prison Huma Abedin forwarded sensitive material to personal email Hillary’s chief of staff used personal email for State business Reacting to the news, interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile simply tweeted, “Good grief.” The FBI’s stunning turnaround caught many off-guard, including the Clinton campaign, but House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said it shouldn’t be a surprise.Bell Canada customers with an active @or @email address started moving to a new email system this year. “My dad’s Internet is with Bell and his was uneventful.”But if you do a search for Bell email migration on social media, you will find some distressed users.Bell has a series of 20 questions and answers at its website, explaining the mechanics of migrating to a new email system.The forced migration, said Bell spokesman Jason Laszlo, was a result of Microsoft’s decision to wind down its Outlook email platform used by a number of Internet service providers worldwide.Eight officers fired 50 bullets in a matter of seconds when they swooped on the men in an eerily deserted Borough Market.Gabriele Sciotto, 25, stood just yards away as the terrorists collapsed with fatal injuries.Enjoying the benefits of strong friendships seems like a dream come true today, but following through with your plans isn't as simple as it sounds.

As with so many of her problems during her run for the Oval Office, it appears she can blame this one, too, on sex and emails.

In 2014, a federal court sided with a challenge to the law that argued parts of Proposition 35 violated sex offenders’ constitutional rights.

The court gave California until the end of this year to fix flaws it found in the law."We have learned that the internet has become extremely popular for sex crimes," Hueso said in a statement last month when the Legislature passed the bill.

Bell developed its own email service, which offers better access on mobile devices and improved data storage options.“Overall, it has been a successful migration, though a small number of customers did encounter technical issues — not unexpected with an undertaking of this magnitude,” he said.

Sex offenders will soon have to report their email addresses, user names and other Internet identifiers to police under a bill Governor Jerry Brown signed Wednesday. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), will apply to people convicted on or after Jan. Law enforcement can use the information only to investigate a sex crime, kidnapping or human trafficking.