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The young woman couldn't believe how her cousin had just acted. Finally, something seemed to pop into Naruto's mind. Suddenly, Naruto reached out and took hold of her hand. Finally, they came to a spot atop the Hokage monument and Naruto ceased walking.'He hasn't behaved like that since before Naruto-kun beat him in the Chunin exam finals three years ago' she thought, 'did I do something to upset him? "Would...would you like to go for a walk with me, Hinata? It took all her will power not to pass out right there. The two made their way out of the Hyuga compound and into the forest that had survived Pein's assault on the village. "This is my favorite spot in the village" Naruto said softly. " she asked, pooling her remaining confidence and resolve. "Ye-yes I do Naruto-kun...." she trailed off."Yes" Hinata said as she hiccuped "I meant it with all my heart...." Tears continued to pour from her eyes until she felt a hand softly lift her head up.

Blushing, Hinata thinks to herself, "He does care." During the second phase of the Chūnin Exams, Hinata signs the paper that Anko Mitarashi, their proctor, had told them to sign, alone by herself in the back.

And the Narutoverse is like Japan, where use of credit cards is still rarely used for dining, so it's out of pocket for Naruto.

During the written exams, Hinata sees Naruto struggling to complete his test.

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