Monodevelop error updating objective c type information

At the same time, you get the power of the C# language, including features like LINQ and Generics, as well as rich .NET base class libraries to use in your native applications.Xamarin offers a path for developers targeting i OS to move their non-user interface code to platform agnostic C# so that it can be used anywhere C# is available, including Android via Xamarin. However, just because you use C# with Xamarin doesn't mean you can't leverage existing skills and Objective-C code.In fact, knowing Objective-C makes you a better Xamarin.i OS developer because Xamarin exposes all the native i OS and OS X platform APIs you know and love, such as UIKit, Core Animation, Core Foundation and Core Graphics to name a few.If you are an Objective-C developer, you are well on your way to leveraging your skills and existing Objective-C code on the Xamarin platform, while reaping the code reuse benefits of C#.

Run it and follow the instructions there, you can either get a basic runtime, or a complete runtime plus a software development kit.

Bindings can expose user interface code developed in Objective-C as well.

You'll find a plethora of information on our documentation site to help ease the tranistion to Xamarin, showing how to integrate C# code with what you already know.

Portable Objective-C programs that do not use the Cocoa or Cocoa Touch libraries, or those using parts that may be ported or reimplemented for other systems, can also be compiled for any system supported by GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) or Clang.

Objective-C source code 'implementation' program files usually have Cox was intrigued by problems of true reusability in software design and programming.