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It's the week leading up to New York Fashion Week and after a few follow-up emails, suddenly, it was a few hours before we were supposed to meet, and I still hadn't heard back from him. He's been caught up in castings and forgot about our interview, but he's down to take a break from looking at VFILES models and meet up for coffee, or in his case, a chocolate milk. I don’t post every day and I was like, "Okay I gotta chill, I gotta make it more rare." And you know, hanging out with Virgil [Abloh] and a bunch of different people on the scene that "got me" followed me. I’m like, "Yo, what's up," and then usually they reply. I’m like, "Yo hit me up and whenever we’re in the same town." Like DJ Esco—we literally linked up through Twitter. I have many things that I’ve done that aren’t even out. If it’s for a client, I have to go through them, but I still keep it very me. They like what I do, so I’m gonna do what I do, regardless. One of the times I met Jaden—like the third or fourth time; we’re neighbors, so we were hanging out in our neighborhood—I had acrylic nails and he fucking loved it. And working with Kanye and Virgil and all of these really amazing creative artists—I think it’s fair to call them artists. Have they given you any advice that has really stuck and kept with you? I’m tired of people asking me about that, because I feel like that’s all that people write about. They gave me tips and just being around them and seeing the way they work and their work ethic and their ideas, it’s great. If you think about let’s say, the Ramones, or the Sex Pistols, or GG Allin, those people were poor most of the time and then got rich, but they never changed whoever they were. And then I became really picky about what I posted. Jaden and I don’t care about gender roles, and that’s why we kinda do whatever we want. If you think about it, every rock star and every great artist never did it all for the money or the approval of anybody.A candid perspective offered by the Creative Director behind some of the most influential logos, campaigns, and UX of the past 15 years, Damn Right peels back the confidence of Fuck No and the optimism of Shit Yeah to lay bare the doubt we all face—and kicks that motherfucker in the teeth.Michael Nieling is a designer, educator, father, and full time spaz.So let’s break down exactly what feeling ‘Fuck Yes’ really means. But it isn’t always that simple, and guys in particular sometimes have a hard time, dragged down by unrealistic expectations and sky-high standards.They don’t have to be the most beautiful creature you’ve ever laid eyes on, or be flawless, or even be better looking than your exes.

Let's talk about failure—let's laugh at it and capitalize on it.

You’ve both got to be outright enthusiastic about seeing each other – otherwise what’s the point?

Manson’s system is purposefully simplistic and straightforward, but I’ve never found a simple system I couldn’t needlessly over-complicate. It sounds obvious – you should, in an ideal world, find your prospective partner physically attractive.

Police brutality against Palestinians, including children, by Israeli police officers, is a widespread and under-discussed phenomenon.

Amnesty International issued a report in 2016 that showed that Israeli authorities demonstrated “an appalling disregard for human life by using reckless and unlawful lethal force against Palestinians.” The report revealed at least 20 cases of use of lethal force in an unlawful manner against Palestinians, fifteen of which posed no imminent threat to life.