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The things I design tend to engage a certain audience—it isn't supposed to be understood by necessarily everyone."But Lawson's involvement (and that of his manager Marc Campbell, who also invested in Thrill City) certainly legitimizes what Cocca had only planned to be a hobby three years ago.Then a UNC transfer student unsure of his major, he could not have imagined he would be fulfilling 30 to 50 orders each week of 2014 or shipping t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, stickers and posters to over 40 states.Founder Ryan Cocca hopes the brand will create a streetwear renaissance in North Carolina."Now, with his (Lawson's) presence, a number of things become more accessible so I expect to put Thrill City in more stores, as well as increase our product offerings," Cocca says.

The new business deal is catapulting Thrill City into the national sphere and helping it become a well-known brand in time for the beginning of basketball season.With that in mind, here’s a look at some potential sleeper value in this year’s Masters.Putting is important no matter where you’re playing golf, but it’s especially crucial on the demanding greens of Augusta National. - Raleigh police charged a member of the University of North Carolina system Board of Governors with misdemeanor assault on a female last month after an incident at his home. Doyle Parrish was arrested May 12 after a report filed by his wife, Nancy Parrish, who is listed as the victim.He began his four-year term on the Board of Governors after an appointment by the state House in 2013. Pat Mc Crory and state Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, according to records from the National Institute for Money in State Politics.That means golfers who consistently perform decently at the unforgiving confines of Augusta National are an attractive pick, while players with less appealing records should be fade material since they’ve proven they’ll never be able to master it.The Masters also features a much smaller field than most PGA tournaments, meaning those long shots may not be as long as you thought due to the lesser number of participants.Denver Nuggets Point Guard Ty Lawson revisited his Carolina roots Tuesday to announce his new T3L clothing line and an investment in Thrill City, an apparel company targeting avid Carolina basketball fans and people around the nation who like streetwear.(Culturally-influenced, statement-based clothing, Thrill City calls it). Serre, Prize for outstanding research awarded by the University of North Carolina School of Public Health for a poster titled Using Uncertain Information to Improve Assessment of Surface Water Quality, Fall 2006 BMElab, the BME Computational Laboratory for space/time Geostatistics BMElib the BME Numerical Library Member, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) Member, International Society of Exposure Science (ISES) Member, International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Member, American Statistical Association (ASA) Member, International Association of Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG) Member, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Past Member, International Association of Hydraulic Research (IAHR) Masters 2002 (Research co-advisor) Sacoby Wilson, Ph D 2005 (Committee member, co-authored papers) Hwa-Lung Yu, Ph D 2005 (Committee member, co-authored book) Linlin Wang, Masters 2005 (Committee member, co-authored book) Escamilla, Veronica; Hampton, Kristen H; Gesink, Dionne C; Serre, Marc L; Emch, Michael; Leone, Peter A; Samoff, Erika; Miller, William C; , Influence of Detection Method and Study Area Scale on Syphilis Cluster Identification in North Carolina, Sexually transmitted diseases,43,4,216-221,2016, LWWXu, Yadong; Serre, Marc L; Reyes, Jeanette; Vizuete, William; , Bayesian Maximum Entropy Integration of Ozone Observations and Model Predictions: A National Application, Environmental science & technology,50,8,4393-4400,2016, American Chemical Society Cope, Anna B; Powers, Kimberly A; Serre, Marc L; Escamilla, Veronica; Emch, Michael E; Leone, Peter A; Mobley, Victoria L; Miller, William C; , Distance to testing sites and its association with timing of HIV diagnosis*, AIDS care,,,1-5,2016, Taylor & Francis Jerrett, Michael; Turner, Michelle C; Beckerman, Bernardo S; Pope III, C Arden; van Donkelaar, Aaron; Martin, Randall V; Serre, Marc; Crouse, Dan; Gapstur, Susan M; Krewski, Daniel; , Comparing the Health Effects of Ambient Particulate Matter Estimated Using Ground-Based versus Remote Sensing Exposure Estimates, Environ Health Perspect,,,,2016, Casanova, Ramon; Wang, Xinhui; Reyes, Jeanette; Akita, Yasuyuki; Serre, Marc L; Vizuete, William; Chui, Helena C; Driscoll, Ira; Resnick, Susan M; Espeland, Mark A; , A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study Reveals Local Brain Structural Alterations Associated with Ambient Fine Particles in Older Women, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,10,,495,2016, Frontiers Messier, K. Estimation of Groundwater Radon in North Carolina Using Land Use Regression and Bayesian Maximum Entropy, Environmental Science and Technology.2015; 49, 16, p.