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Logan Henderson is an actor and singer/songwriter, best known for his role on TV's Big Time Rush. "Ich habe gesehen wie sich Demi und Logan im Ritz Carlton Hotel geküsst haben", hat ein Augenzeuge gegenüber "Hollywoodlife.com" verraten. Wir sing gespannt, ob an den Gerüchten was dran ist, und wann die ersten Beweisfotos auftauchen!It’s a commonplace tale, yet Lovato and Gomez hint at a new iteration of the kid star, less a victim of aggressive stage parents or cynical studio execs than a wily and willing accomplice.“I saw Demi and Logan kissing at the Ritz Carlton Hotel,” our source dishes exclusively.

Nach der Premiere verließen die beiden zusammen das Kino, und so wie es im Clip unten aussieht, händchenhaltend!

Logan says to impress a girl, really listening to them goes a long way because they notice and they pick up on it.

He says that being a good listener and being there for them-and spending time with them speaks more than doing anything crazy One time Logan was in a hot air balloon when him and the pilot somehow got on the conversation of Big Time Rush.

When Logan realises what he's done, he tries to make things right with her. In fact, it's my most popular story on Wattpad Logan Henderson was a well known name in the music industry.

He was one of four members of boy band Big Time Rush, the group also starred in a TV show of the same title (he played Logan Mitchell) and it didn't hurt he was one of the most sweetest, kindest guys in Hollywood as he never complained about fame and paparazzi.

Logan henderson demi lovato dating