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She kind of had great chemistry with Andrew Bird (who I also suspect is gay, but that's probably only because he looks kind of like one of my gay male bosses). Apparently Andrew Bird is supposed to be straight (? I can't find him listen as gay anywhere otherwise. She kind of had great chemistry with Andrew Bird (who I also suspect is gay, but that's probably only because he looks kind of like one of my gay male bosses). v=07KUp JJub R8I think Sufjan Stevens is quietly out. Bonus: Grab this fantastic tune, “Kelele.” It will warm your soul.She King File Under: Funk rock that packs a punch From: Toronto For Fans Of: Melissa Ferrick’s rockier stuff, Heart, Hunter Valentine, chain wallets, grommet belts.Bonus: Lead singer Shawnee “Hottie Mc Hotpants” Lynn Talbot, is out and proud. Lylit File Under: Neo-soul with heavy beats From: Vienna, Austria For Fans Of: Bridget Lyons, Nikka Costa, Sunshine Anderson, blueberry pancakes, Amy Winehouse’s Frank album, high-heeled boots, Taylor Dane. Susanne Sundfør File Under: Breathtakingly beautiful minimalist singer/songwriter From: Norway For Fans Of: The Cinematic Orchestra, having feelings, Sharon Van Etten, Fiona Apple’s slower songs, Minor Majority, reading by candlelight, small thoughtful gifts.Bonus: I wish I could remember who recommended her to me so I could thank you thank you thank you! Slowgun File Under: Soft pop rock From: UK For Fans Of: Throwing Muses, The Breeders, The Murmers, mittens, Reality Bites, early Liz Phair.Anne Clark File Under: Experimental dark electronica/industrial From: London For Fans Of: Underworld, Cirque du Soleil, Run Lola Run, black nail polish, The Crow, Prodigy.Bonus: Here’s a hot remix of one of Clark’s most popular tracks, “Our Darkness.”Angelique Kidjo File Under: Afro-beat, jazz funk From: Benin, West Africa For Fans Of: The Very Best, Zap Mama, Al Green, Cuban coffee, bright colors, warm breezes.

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I had no idea who she was or what her music sounded like, but I was mesmerized by her performance. had no idea she might like the ladies....though there were certainly some lezzies in the audience. father films a police officer confiscating 27 daffodils from his young daughters after they picked them on council land to give to their mum on mother's day.kate hudson confirms romance with fujikawa as they share a very public passionate kiss for 10 minutes after romantic meal in nyc.She just seems like the type who's really in her head and doesn't deal well with people she doesn't know well.Cara Delevingne recently opened up about her girlfriend, indie pop and rock musician[–]st_vincentannie clark[s] 38 points39 points40 points 3 years ago (1 child)it's natural that songs would evolve and get lived in after years of playing!quite a reunion: exes jenny slate and chris evans cross paths at event for their movie gifted one month after split.jada pinkett smith, 45, flaunts age-defying looks as she shows off her taut stomach on a shopping spree with her youthful[–]tpclover 65 points66 points67 points 3 years ago (22 children)how many guitars do you own and which is your favourite to play?On Marc Maron's WTF podcast she admitted that she has a tendency to alienate and/or be cold to people and not really realize that she's doing it.Apparently she pissed off Michael Stipe once by brushing him off and he was pissed a her for years.