Liquidating inherited stocks

I am aware of the large spread on the purchase of munis at a regular broker but am not clear on variations in the equivalent "back-end" load on selling them. I'm looking forward to seeing what others say about the transaction costs.

Does VG's 0 max apply to each issue (we have 5) or to an entire trade? Due to the mix of issuers, maturity dates, and face interest rates the price of a bond is subject to a great deal of variation, whether you're buying or selling.

As they're called, I put the money into VWIUX (Vanguard intermediate term muni) and BMBIX (higher quality intermediate term).

At those rates they'll disappear long before their maturity, which are in the 2030's.. The munis will throw my allocation a bit out of whack, but since they have a decent return and won't be called soon there's a case for holding them and perhaps selling a bit at a time when I need cash as I am entering retirement.

Stock certificates are registered with the transfer agent that handles securities transactions for the company that issued the stock.

Some exchange-traded funds and dividend reinvestment plans have started reporting the information too.

Taxpayers generally have two options when calculating taxes owed after selling stock holdings, but there’s more flexibility for those who take action before selling the shares.

“It’s important to look strategically at what your long-term holdings are and what you’re planning on selling over the next few years,” says Greg Rosica, tax partner in the personal financial services office for Ernst & Young. Figuring out the tax basis of your shares When you sell shares, the tax gain or loss is calculated by comparing your tax basis in the shares sold to the sales proceeds, net of brokerage commissions and transaction fees.

Contact the transfer agent for the company that issued the stock.

You can find the transfer agent on the company’s investor relations website or by calling the department of shareholders’ services.